London Wedding

Wedding venue with flowers

One of our long standing friends was getting married at a prestigious London Venue.  We were asked to provide the wow factor for the evening celebrations but it had to be kept confidential from all attendees and staff.  This required working through all the entry points into the venue, ensuring the celebrity artists would remain hidden from the guests.  With no possibility of sound checks, we meticulously prepared everything for the artists’ performance.  Our established personal relationships with the artists meant they were willing to adhere to our requests and arrived seamlessly into the event location.

The wedding was a resounding success with Fred Sirieix welcoming all the guests at the entrance and Gino D’Acampo overseeing the culinary preparations.  Following Fred and Gino chatting to everyone in the room, Nick Grimshaw took over on the decks to kick off the party.  

Included in the requirements was coordinating opportunities for guests to take selfies with the artist following their performances.  The guests were thrilled to take selfies and meet Nick before being treated to an electrifying finale by Judge Jules.  The excitement of the guests was incredible.

Nick Grimshaw and Judge Jools undoubtedly electrified the venue with their incredible acts, evident from the enthusiastic response of the audience, marking yet another triumphant event. 

This unforgettable surprise guaranteed that the guests, as well as the newlyweds, will forever cherish this day.

Congratulations from VLP Events.  

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