Tv Talent & Dance Shows

Tv Talent & Dance Shows

TV Talent Shows have given the opportunity to unknown talent to show the world something that otherwise would very likely have remained hidden away, never to be seen.

Some extraordinary performers are now busy working at events throughout the world showing that dreams really can come true if you work at it (and with a bit of luck)!

So if you are looking to hire X Factor contestants, hire Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) Acts, or other contestants from amazing shows including The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Last Choir Standing and more great fun TV Talent Shows, call VLP Events and we can arrange for them to appear at your party!

If there are artists that you have seen on TV that are not listed on the following pages that you are interested in please do let us know, there are many performers that we just haven’t had time to pop their details on our site!

Please note that we can offer many more celebrity artists than are listed here, so if there is anyone you are particularly interested in, please let us know.

Union Jack flag with Britain's got talent written

Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent has shown us the best of British and around the world since 2007.

The X Factor Logo

X Factor

The X Factor is the premier singing competition and has produced some house hold names.

Talent Show

TV Talent

This is where you can find all the artists from the TV Talent shows home and abroad.

Listed below are a few examples of TV Talent.

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