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Whether we are collaborating with a major corporate company on a sophisticated event or organising a small, intimate party, we dedicate equal attention to detail. It was an honour for us to assist Specsavers in selecting the perfect headliner acts for their two-day seminar at the International Convention Centre Birmingham. Given the vast venue size, selecting performers capable of engaging and energising the audience was crucial for ensuring a successful event!

Part of the brief was to ensure that the artists provided a unique meet and greet to a selection of guest, for them to experience exclusive one to one time with them.

The acts we chose were the incredible Alexandra Burke for a stunning vocal session, and the fabulous Denise van Outen who kept the audience in the party mood by mixing top  tunes on the decks.  We negotiated directly with artists and arranged for the meet and greet sessions to happen.  We also worked behind the scenes to ensure the right track selection was agreed by both parties and the technical riders were met.  The show was ready to go ……..

Despite meticulous planning, unexpected challenges sometimes arise at the eleventh hour.  A week before the event, we received unfortunate news that Alexandra Burke’s dancers were unable to attend due to illness. However, using our extensive network of contacts, we swiftly secured outstanding replacements who not only seamlessly integrated with Alexandra’s iconic songs, but also possessed the right dance moves for a flawless performance

Using our experience ensured the event happened flawlessly.  Managing the many parts of any event can be tricky, so why not leave it to the professionals.  VLP Event professionals. 

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