Music & DJs

Music & DJs

A great way to add that extra something to any event is with the best music.

Whether this is a top DJ, playing all the right tunes or the unbeatable sound of a live band your event will be moved into the stratosphere with the right pick of artist.

We have vast experience of matching the right music for the type of audience. We are also able to offer the best production so that the sound is perfect along with the lighting.

We have been booking celebrities for different events for many years and our experience in working behind the scenes, with guidance and advice along the way, to ensure that all runs smoothly, brings peace of mind for clients and creates exciting and memorable events.

To find out more about booking celebrities for events and to check availability please contact VLPEvents.


Chart DJs, superstar EDM DJs, Dance & House, stars from major bands, actors and more – performing as DJs at your party!


The Beatles, The Stones – those groovy tunes..


From Flares and Disco to Glamour and Saturday Night Fever!


Dance music emerged and so did the fabulous new wave. Synthesises, digital recording and synth pop emerged with bands that looked different and exciting….


Some of the most fantastic, iconic, ‘hands the in air’ genuine pop, soul, techno, Eurodance, Hip hop, old Skool & disco 90s artists for your party..


Rock ‘n Roll and Elvis hit the scene..


1940’s themed parties with amazing bands, jitterbug dancers and The Manhattan.!


Authentic 1930’s and cheerful rhythms.

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