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    • Acro Chaps folded arms

      Acro Chaps

      Absolutely spiffing (and moustached!) acrobats who offer a wide selection of very interactive and entertaining walkabout acrobatic acts.

    • Big Bobbies stilt act

      Big Bobbies

      Perhaps you’ve seen them roaming around or even at your local doughnut shop, the Big Bobbies at over 9ft tall and 5ft wide, have to be seen to be believed.

    • Lady with a table dress

      British Themed Human Tables

      Friendly and utterly charming these ladies are an ideal choice to give your guests a warm welcome. Elegant and immaculately polished they are perfect for servin…

    • David and Gareth from the office lookalikes

      David & Gareth

      Not just the Brentmeister but now also available with ‘Gareth’ for the ultimate ‘Office’ lookalikes

    • Two people with glitterball heads and costumes

      Disco Ball Heads

      Very 70’s & very Disco! Remember the Mirror Ball – now you can dance with one too!

    • Kings Guards stilt act

      King’s Guards

      Tall without their bearskin hats, these guards will parade and provide sentry duties

    • Kings Royal Guards

      Royal King’s Guards stiltwalkers, perfect for Royal occasions!

    • Marilyn Munroe lookalike face

      Marilyn Monroe – Lookalike

      A stunning lookalike, Suzie has impersonated Marilyn all over the world.

    • two christmas puddings standing next to fairy

      Naughty Christmas Puddings

      A fun Christmas walkabout with Christmas puddings who are definitely playing up!

    • Stavros Flatley and son with hands on hips looking at camera

      Stavros Flatley

      Father & son are 2 hilarious performers who became known for their Greek dancing (sort of!) from BGT in 2009 and have hardly been off our screens since!

    • Room with themed lighting

      Themed Lighting Hire

      Want to change your room into a completely different colour or cover the walls with starcloth.

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