Booking an Event – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide sound and lighting?

Yes we have an in house sound and production team that will add quality sound and vision to your event. This will be designed to your specifications and budget and will take away any of the worries of the big event. Staging, video walls, autocues uplighters are all part of the design.

How do I know who to book?

We have years of experience in matching the right artist to your event and budget. By listening to your wishes and plans we can tailor entertainment to your needs and those of the audience. We have worked with the largest of venues but are equally at home with an intimate location. Make an enquiry and we will do the rest.

What should be checked at the venue?

Relax, we will take care of the production, but if you want to take this on your self, here are some of the things to be looking at. Most sound and visual productions will require a decent amount of mains electricity. A simple 13 Amp plug just wont do, so ensure the venue has adequate power. Most performers will require some sort of stage and microphone to perform. Also make sure you have enough space for them. Ask about the performance times and whether the venue has any sound restrictions.

What is a sound / noise limiter?

Simply put this is a device that cuts off power at a pre-determined noise level. These can be a requirement by the local authorities as a condition of the venue’s licence. Our production team have extensive experience of working in venues with noise limiters and can ensure the event does not get interrupted or the neighbours disturbed.

What is a rider?

A rider is a list of items that the artist will require on the day of the event. These will be shown clearly on any contract.

How do you secure artists?

We have built up a network of artists over many years that we have direct contact with. We often go directly to the artist ourselves and avoid any extra costs. By having these direct relationships we can often secure the artist you want for you memorable event. We have bought major international artists to events all over the world as well as to corporate venues and even someone’s back garden!

How can we help you with your event?

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