How Hiring A Celebrity Can Boost Your Event’s Success

Let’s face it, nothing creates a buzz more than having a famous face at an event. It’s a phenomenon that’s been recognised for centuries, and it’s never been truer nowadays. 

People love getting selfies with their favourite celebrities and sharing them online (or just getting a picture of them on a stage!). An encounter with a star can provide stories for years to come. That makes it an easy way to spread the word about an event. 

Give your special event that star-quality. 

Whether you’re looking to hire a high profile musician, comedian or tribute act, VLP Events is here to make it happen. We bring celebrities to a wide range of events, including luxury and corporate parties, business conferences and much more. 

VLP Events has a dedicated team who work with you to make all aspects of your event memorable. Our team consults with clients to help them pick the right celebrity to perform at events.

celebrity DJ

From award-winning comedians like Jon Richardson and Frank Skinner, through to celebrity DJs, we have entertainment for all kinds of events. Here are just a few ways having a star at your celebration can make it more of a success:

Increase attendance and ticket sales

It’s no secret that having a well-known celebrity anywhere can attract a larger audience. There’s a reason they’re a real catch for promotional events.  You’re not only likely to attract avid fans, but anyone curious about seeing someone in person. (And they might well leave a fan at the end of the night!).  

Hiring a celebrity means that ticket prices can be higher. 

Since people are willing to pay more for such events, it’s easier to justify higher ticket prices. People love having a chance to see a famous personality. Whether you’re selling tickets online or in person, they’re likely to go like hot cakes. 

Attract more media coverage and publicity to your event. 

If you want to attract media online or offline, having a celebrity offers excellent publicity. Celebrities tend to attract media coverage like honey does bees. Stars like our celebrity DJs can also bring incredible energy to an event.

Here at VLP Events we have many celebrity singers ideal for all kinds of celebrations, including Alesha Dixon, Alexandra Burke, Boy George, Craig David, and many more. 

In recent years, platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok have created new types of celebrities who find it easy to directly interact with their followers before an event. This helps create even more anticipation beforehand.

A famous face helps you create a buzz online and reach a bigger audience. Celebrities often have large social media followings. When they share about your event, it can reach a vast audience, creating buzz and anticipation.

Bring more credibility and prestige to your event. 

Many companies hire a famous face because they want them associated with their branding.

Associating your event with a respected or popular celebrity can enhance its credibility and prestige. It can make your event appear more significant and worthwhile.

Modern celebrities are often called influencers for a reason.  Their endorsement can lead to greater trust and interest in your event. In fact, in the modern age celebrity appearances arguably have more of an impact than ever. 

Attract more sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsors are more likely to invest in events that feature celebrities due to the higher visibility and potential reach. This can lead to better sponsorship deals and increased funding. In some cases, celebrity involvement can attract exclusive partnerships and collaborations, adding value to your proceedings. 

Hiring a celebrity makes your event more memorable. 

Celebrities can provide unique experiences for attendees, such as performances, talks, or meet-and-greets, making the event more memorable.

In many cases, they can contribute to the content of the event. Celebrities and their team can often provide expert insights and entertainment, although often their mere presence  can be enough to enhance the overall experience.

Our stars are great for high end weddings and private events.

Many of our famous faces are brilliant for weddings. Some couples share a favourite celebrity and it makes their day even more special having them entertain. It’s one of those things that can make a wedding memorable for a lifetime.

VLP Events do many weddings where we keep the celebrity a secret beforehand! This makes it an incredible surprise for the guests.

They’re brilliant for promotion and marketing.


Nothing creates more hype leading up to the event than knowing you’re going to see a celeb. Their involvement can be a key component of your marketing strategy, generating excitement and anticipation.

It can also mean your event has a lasting impact afterwards. Fans who have had a great time and the celebrity themselves can help improve the reputation of a venue, festival and much more. 

Create networking opportunities

Celebrities often have extensive networks within the industry. Their presence can attract other influential figures and create valuable networking opportunities for attendees. Their involvement can open doors for future partnerships and collaborations, extending the benefits of the event beyond its immediate conclusion.

While it can be a significant investment, hiring a celebrity brings plenty of potential returns in terms of publicity, credibility, and overall impact of an event. 

If you’re looking to hire a celebrity for your event, check out our latest famous faces. Or don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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