Spark Drummers

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Spark Drummers

Spark is an amazing blend of bright lights, high impact drumming and mesmerising choreography.

Spark is a magical piece of street theatre which encapsulates live music and vibrant lighting to transform the environment around them.

Seven mysterious characters use their impressive drumming skills, mesmerising lights and perfect choreography to take onlookers on a dreamlike journey.

Spark is a highly adaptable and site specific performance which combines set-pieces, movement between sites and audience engagement.

At one time the drummers could be in a fixed position in the middle of a crowd, and the next they could surround the audience to give a feeling of complete immersion in the act.

The innovative Spark team will design their performance around your requirements whether it is on the street, in a park, on a stage or indoors. There is also the option of a high impact pyrotechnic finale.


This show is perfect for corporate clients as the lights and dancing patterns can be designed to match your branding.

Every Spark experience is a unique blend of energy, beautiful lighting and high octane drumming.

The duration of the show varies depending on the clients requirements, but it can last up to 60 minutes and be performed twice daily.

Spark has previously been designed to work as –

  • Street theatre show in a town square
  • Vibrant parade piece in a carnival
  • Static stage performance
  • Stunning after-dinner show
  • Memorable finale to any event
  • Interactive crowd pleaser at a music festival
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