Professor Brian Cox

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Professor Brian Cox

English physicist, speaker, author and TV presenter.

Professor Brian Cox CBE FRS, is best known for his extraordinary knowledge of physics.  His has presented several influential television programmes, educating and informing audiences of all ages. A hit with younger viewers, who gravitate toward Brian’s eloquence and infectious passion for science, he is commonly booked to speak at schools.

Brian’s stage presence commands the audience, using his incredibly visual presentations to keep everyone enthralled with his facts and theories.

Brian’s television credits include the blockbusters Wonders of the Solar System (2010) and Wonders of the Universe (2011), with a further series going into production. He has also fronted Space Hoppers, Stargazing, The Big Bang and numerous specials for Horizon. His book, “Why Does E=mc2?” (2009), quickly became a best-seller. He is also the author of “The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen” (Penguin, 2012), also a best-seller.

Brian Cox grew up in the age of space exploration. Born just one year before the first man walked on the moon, he spent his childhood gazing into the night sky, dreaming of someday traveling to space himself.

As Brian grew older however his interests turned almost entirely to music. He joined a local band Dare as a keyboardist and began to tour and record music with them.

When Dare disbanded in 1991, Brian decided to rekindle his love for astronomy

  • Professor of Particle Physics, Manchester University
  • One of the leaders of the ATLAS Large Hadron Collider experiment
  • Highly popular television presenter and best-selling author

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