Michael Caines MBE

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Michael Caines MBE

The third most popular name on Google hails from Devon, England, and is one of the UK’s most celebrated chefs.

Michael Caines MBE is one of the UK’s most celebrated and acclaimed chefs, a successful and imaginative hotelier, a respected spokesperson for the hospitality industry, and a patron and fundraiser several of national and local charities and community organisations.


In 2017, Michael Caines opened Lympstone Manor, a luxurious country house and hotel built around a historic 1760’s estate in East Devon. Caines dedicated three years of his life to transforming the Georgian mansion into a world-class destination for food lovers.

His hard work paid off, and Lympstone Manor earned a Michelin star just six months after opening. Caine’s resumé does not end there; he cooked for the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street and has made several appearances on MasterChef and other TV broadcasts. Impressively, he’s done all of this one-handed, as he lost his right arm in an accident back in 1994.


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