Mark B


Mark B

mark b quotesTipped as one of the UK’s most innovative and up and coming young magicians – magic without limits..

Mark B is Illusionist, Trickster and Magic Artist performing the world over, from the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the bars of Budapest.

Put simply, people don’t forget about him. It’s not the things they see him do, but the amazement he makes them feel.

Magic is about new and impossible moments.

Mark B is not some cheesy magician in a top hat and white gloves all his tricks are modern day miracles, stuff nobody has ever seen before, stuff that cannot be revealed by ITV’s Masked Magician.

Mark B’s performing style resonates with David Blaine and Dynamo who are always breaking new barriers in this fast moving industry.

Some of Mark B’s walkabout illusions include:

– bending coins in spectators hands
– mind-reading
– pulling bottles out of his shoe
– turning coke into red wine
– levitating objects
– transferring static electricity to spectators bodies
– smoke from fingertips

His clients love him because of the excitement and curiosity he can deliver around their brands and products.

There is simply no more powerful way than promoting a product with something impossible. Something magical. Something unforgettable.

His client list now includes the likes of Coca Cola, 007 Skyfall and Rio Surf School, Brazil, specialising in close-up magic / street magic / walk-around, corporate events, bars and nightclubs, exhibitions and road shows, weddings and PR stunts throughout the UK.

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