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Global electronic soul-funk, acid jazz superstars

Led by charismatic front man Jay Kay, Jamiroquai have gone from their west London acid jazz roots to becoming one of the biggest groups in the world and one the UK’s most successful musical exports of the last two decades.

After selling over 35 million albums since their debut in the early 90’s, their brand of funk and disco and staggering live shows have established a huge loyal-base across the globe.

Jamiroquai’s debut album, Emergency On Planet Earth, was released in 1993 and was was the first of three of the band’s albums to chart at number one.

One of the band’s best-known tracks, Virtual Insanity, won four prizes at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards as well as a Grammy for Best Pop Performance.

They rose to fame as a component of the 1990s acid jazz scene, along with bands such as Galliano, the James Taylor Quartet, Corduroy and the Brand New Heavies. The band has sold more than 35 million albums across the globe and are perhaps best recognized by their frontman, Jay Kay, recognizable for his style of dancing, as well as his outlandish headwear.

UK Tour 2017.

Just a few of the major hits:

  • Virtual Insanity
  • Too Young To Die
  • Emergency on Planet Earth
  • Alright
  • When You Gonna Learn
  • Morning Glory
  • Canned Heat
  • Little L
  • King For A Day
  • Cosmic Girl
  • Return of the Space Cowboy
  • Love Foolosophy
  • You Give Me Something
  • Blow Your Mind
  • Deeper Underground


Celebrity Band / 90’s / 2000’s / Soul-Funk / Acid Jazz / UK

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