Hannah McKeand

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Hannah McKeand

Record-breaking Polar Explorer and inspirational motivational speaker. World-record Holder: Fastest Solo, Unsupported trek to South Pole

World-record Holder: Fastest Solo, Unsupported trek to South Pole

British adventurer, Hannah McKeand became the fastest person ever to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole in December 2006. Despite a diet of fudge and chocolate, Hannah McKeand still managed to lose three stones during her successful challenge. Hannah pulled a sledge that weighed up to 100kg for 690 miles from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. Completing her polar expedition in just 39 days, 9 hours and 33 minutes, Hannah broke the world record (male or female) for the fastest solo, unsupported journey.

In March 2008, Hannah McKeand attempted to become the first ever woman to ski solo and unsupported to the North Pole. Unfortunately, Hannah was forced to end her expedition after injury. Two weeks into the expedition, Hannah was hurt falling into a deep hole in the polar ice. Hannah was attempting the most hazadous route from Ward Hunt Island (Canada) which has only ever been completed solo once before. It is a gruelling 415nm epic journey with huge pressure ridges of ice, open leads of water and temperatures as low as -50°C. One of the world’s rising stars in polar exploration, Hannah’s courage, determination and positive spirit continues to inspire many.

After a degree in Classics, Hannah enjoyed a successful Marketing career in Theatre for seven years before following her passion for exploration. Hannah McKeand has travelled to remote regions in Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Afghanistan. In 2005, Hannah completed half the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and in 2007, sailed in the Southern Ocean, to Chile and the Antarctic Peninsula onboard ‘Blizzard’.

Hannah McKeand – Motivational Speaker

Hannah’s energy, vitality, dedication and resourcefulness were clearly evident in her South Pole success. Focus, determination, positive visualization and a will to face adversity are vital in the polar environment. Hannah’s inspirational story has some powerful messages for businesses and everyday life. She is passionate about raising environmental awareness too. Hannah’s presentation includes stunning photographs as well as evocative film footage.


  • 2006 – Guinness World Record – Fastest Solo Unsupported Inner Coast to South Pole
  • 2007 – Sue Ryder, Woman of the Year Award
  • 2012 – Guinness World Record – Most Expeditions Inner Coast to South Pole – Six
  • 2018 – AITO Travel Writer of the Year Award ( Under 1500 words)

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