Duncan William


Duncan William

Duncan William is one of the world’s leading close up digital / iPad magicians, guaranteed to leave your guests truly amazed with his digital magic.

Duncan William has been performing as an iPad magician for several years. His act fuses classic sleight of hand with a clever use of digital technology. This ensure he can offer one of the most exciting and dynamic performances available to hire the UK and Worldwide.

Be it producing coins, cards or money from out of an iPhone, or iPad, or changing your iPhone into a clear, glass iPhone or removing the flashlight (lit) from your phone…. Duncan’s cyber magician act really does have to be seen to be believed.

iPad magic is a sophisticated fusion between expert sleight of hand with cutting edge technology. This synergy allows an expert digital magician – in this case The Cyber Magician to produce items visibly out of an iPad and iPhone. Items include money, bank cards, business cards or promotional material. Duncan can also use his skills to turn an iPhone into see-through glass or pull the light of the torch off and reinsert it with no explanation other than magic.

Guests are always impressed by the consistency of fantastic feedback about his professionalism and skill. He is one of the world’s leading magicians with mind reading fusing digital technology and technology of the mind.

As an iPad Magician Duncan is regularly booked to perform at a variety of events including:

Close up magic and mind reading:

Duncan is one of the leading full time magicians and mind-readers from the UK. Be it telling you your bank PIN, unlocking your mobile phone, changing your borrowed £5 into £20, or telling you the name of your first kiss, Duncan’s magic is contemporary, unique and most of all fun! Guaranteed to leave your guests laughing in amazement and make your event as memorable and as unique as you had dreamed of!


Drawing footfall to your trade show stand or exhibition stall where he can perform amazing magic tricks to generate interest in your company and increase sales leads.


The perfect way to entertain guests over the wedding photographs whilst guests nibble on canapes or over the wedding breakfast to keep the atmosphere fun.

Product Launches: Using your product in his digital close up ma act Duncan can promote your brand in a unique and innovative way using his technology skills.

Bespoke Magic Digital Magician

Duncan can use his extensive knowledge of technology and apps to create custom magic which integrate certain giveaways into his ipad magic. Examples have included creating custom apps to produce custom vouchers out of iPads and iPhones. He can also produce some small custom items from phones too.

Cabaret act:

Duncan is also one of the most sought after after-dinner entertainers in the UK too. His 40 minute mind reading cabaret act is is really interactive, loads of fun and is more mind reading based (similar to Derren Brown) What a lot of companies do is 1 hour 20 close up magic and mind reading and then 40 mins cabaret act.

If you need anything else please ask!

Duncan William’s is one of the world’s leading close up digital and iPad magicians that guarantee to leave your guests in amazement. Duncan’s iPad and digital magic act is available to hire for amazing events all over the world. Guests are always impressed by the consistency of fantastic feedback about his professionalism and skill He is one of the worlds leading digital magician’s and mind reading fusing digital technology and technology of the mind. Duncan performs digital magic using the latest technology, and his mix and mingle magic act creates real connections and wonder with guests at events, and special occasions combining natural humor and magical sleight of hand and digital magic.

Top 5 reasons to hire ipad magic Digital magician Duncan William for his close up or cabaret magic and mind reading:

1. Creates bespoke digital magic for a range of digital devices and phones.

2. Fuses digital magic with mind reading to create a truly unique and compelling act.

3. Previous clients have including Coca Cola, Yamaha, Audi and Royal Mail.

4. Spent 3 years performing in Japan so is a true international magician.

5. Can tell you your star sign, bank PIN and unlock your phone just by looking at you.

Magician Duncan William has performed for a long list of celebrities and corporate clients including Coca Cola, Yamaha, Procter and Gamble, Royal Mail, Speedo, Experian, Audi, Ford, PWC, Greene King, Environment Agency, Harry Redknapp and more. He is also able to incorporate traditional card tricks as well incredible feats of mind reading into his digital magic routines, making him one of the most versatile digital magicians in the world.

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