Crystalline Ballerinas

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Crystalline Ballerinas

This winged character slowly comes to life and performs incredible handstand balances in this spell-binding illusion..

This acrobatic act, so hauntingly beautiful transports you into a magical other-world…

Set on an ornate revolving plinth, this fantastical Sylph character comes to life.

Laden in crystal and rare jewels, she reveals angelic, super-natural wings hypnotising as they spiral & continually evolve, giving flight to this fantastic acrobatic dance.

Incredible handstand balances display pure strength and amazing flexibility, all framed so beautifully in the sheer celestial wings. Set to a unique, classical soundtrack, an up-lifting experience where fantasies of love and hope are fulfilled.

Act duration: 5 minutes
Also available, meet & greet set: duration 20 minutes

  • Continuous spiralling images
  • Handstands in silhouette
  • Acrobatic tumbling with wings
  • Costume: choose between Crystal white or Nude, hand-painted in gold
  • Duration: 5 minutes
  • Meet & greet set: 15-20 minutes

Winner of the Professional Development Award, Arts Council 2006

Fire and Ice

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