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Cat Cubie

Exciting Scottish presenter is BBC Scotland’s weather presenter as well as TV presenter.

Scottish presenter, Cat Cubie, is BBC Scotland’s weather presenter, broadcaster and journalist.

As well as her own blog on she is gorgeous, cool, bubbly and a total natural on screen.

Since coming second on MTV Networks project Pick Me Cat has worked on a number of different projects including reporting for The Surgery for BBC Switch, hosting the live music show Live and Unsigned and presenting her own request show on Sky channel BTV.

Most recently she has presented press junkets for C4 including ‘Pineapple Express’ for Remedy Productions and also ‘Mamma Mia’ for as well as presenting Euro millions on BBC1 on Friday nights. Cat was also the voice of Living TV continuity for 2 years.

Cat has presented videos for the London Film Museum, most recently interviewing Hollywood hard-man Dolph Lundgren about the 2010 action-flick The Expendibles.

Prior to this she presented the Morning/Afternoon Kick Off football news for Virgin Media and Sportal/Sky Networks and the music show ‘Verses’

Cat is at ease in a live or pre-recorded environment. She is quick-witted and her bubbly, cheeky and infectious personality means that she has instant rapport with both contributors and celebrities.

Cat’s experience in TV production has given her the opportunity to know what it’s like to work behind and in front the camera and means that she knows what makes great telly!

Cat loves a challenge and is prepared to have a go at anything, and lists scuba-diving, sky-diving, skiing, sailing, and roller-skating in amongst her favourite activities.

So, with interests in music, film, fashion, travel and an MA in Psychology Cat is well rounded and well informed. This combined with her adventurousness, cheekiness and sense of fun makes her a unique and captivating presenter.

  • Vlogger: Catt has created her own YouTube channel, The Mum Word, with more than 28k views.
  • Author: Cat has published author & columns in Scottish press.
  • Voice: Radio presenter & experienced voice-over artist.


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