Ben Hanlin


Ben Hanlin

Stunning TV and stage magician, star of the hit ITV2 show ‘Tricked’ with nearly 1 million hits on youtube!

Stunning TV and stage magician, star of the hit ITV2 show ‘Tricked’ with nearly 1 million hits on youtube!

Ben Hanlin is the star of his hit ITV2 show ‘Tricked’, tricking unsuspecting members of the public and shocking celebrities with his own special brand of cheeky magic close-up conjuring and mind games Candid Camera-style.

Ben has starred in the world’s best-selling touring show ‘The Illusionists’ and appeared on ITV1’s ‘Live at the Palladium’.

He became an overnight sensation debuting his incredible tricks as Magic Boy on You Tube, Ben has over 900,000 views on You Tube!

Ben is available as any of the below:

Close up magician- Ben Hanlin has been performing close up magic for over fifteen years. His fun, cheeky personality and devilishly quick sleight of hand has made him a hit at events all over the world. Ben loves mingling around any event, amazing guests with his magic, which will often involve a deck of cards, mobile phones and other everyday objects.

Stage magician – Funny TV magician Ben Hanlin is in his element when performing on stage. His cheeky personality and modern magic help him to win over audiences all over the world. Whether he is attempting to read someone’s mind or magically change the contents inside a sealed coke can, all of his tricks involve audience participation at some level which means crowds feel they are part of the show.

Apart from starring in three series of his own TV Show, Tricked on ITV2, Ben has also appeared on Live at the Palladium, Celebrity Juice, BBC’s Sport Relief, This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Soccer AM and many more.

After dinner speaker

Conference Presenter/Hosting – As well as being able to host an event, Ben can also entertain guests with his fun, modern stage magic. Depending on the event, the magic can be performed as an opener (25 minute max) which is a great way to grab the audience’s attention. Alternatively Ben’s magic can be peppered throughout the event to keep the audience energised.

TV Magician Ben Hanlin has also appeared on:

– Celebrity Juice
– ITV’s Live at The Palladium
– in his own ITV2 Show ‘Tricked’
– Dancing on Ice 2020

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