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Beat a Maxx

Turntablism meets video DJ’ing, Beat a Maxx is setting clubland alight performing on cutting edge technology – he quite literally is the World’s BEST…

The Worlds Greatest Video DJ

Beat a Maxx is at the very forefront of audio/visual DJing.   Since 2010 Maxx has been blending his extensive DJing experience with video and award winning turntablism to create a show unlike anything you’ve seen before.

His sets are a mashup of multiple music genres along with clips from film and TV, along with 3 live video cameras.   Add in the big screens, the crazy live performance plus a banging crowd for a DJ set unlike anything else out there!   The past 12 months has seen an appearance live on BBC TV and gigs including The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Pacha (Ibiza and Tarragona),BPM (N.E.C Birmingham) ,a headline set alongside the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and a huge Freshers Uni Tour.

Beat a Maxx has mixes regularly played on Radio One and Kiss, 1 million views on YouTube and 250,000 SoundCloud plays on his audio mixes.
Touring worldwide has taken him to places including the  U.S, Switzerland, Greece, Czech Republic, Ireland,Spain, Portugal and Dubai.   To see next level DJing unlike anything else, make sure you catch him live!

His show is unlike anything you’ve seen before ..

The big screens that were just filled with award winner names and conference highlights are now filled with seamlessly live-mixed music videos, video highlights from the company mixed in over the top, your company logo, and even live video footage of the night itself (LIVE CAM!)

The dance floor is quickly full (arms in the air!), and the scene is set for an amazing and memorable evening.

Corporate clients have included Ron Dennis (F1 McLaren), Theo Paphitis, and Google UK.

His ability is renowned for keeping a crowd dancing all night (oh yes he does)

Previous clients have included Rymans Stationery, Nandos, Biogen Idec, Computacenter and Ron Dennis, chairman of F1 McLaren, playing shows UK and abroad.

Perfect for Parties – fabulous for Conferences – amazing for Corporates!

Beat a Maxx began as an audio turntablist/scratch DJ winning numerous DJ competitions and working at various clubs and events up and down the country.

Beat a Maxx’s vast amount of DJ’ing experience landed him work all over Europe performing a variety of sets within different types of music genres from dance, house, RnB, and hip-hop.

With a unique video DJ set up using state of the art technology and with his skill in mixing and scratching Beat a Maxx pushes video DJ’ing to the limit!

He quite literally is the World’s BEST Video DJ.

What is a Video DJ?

Video DJs are perfect for corporate after dinner entertainment because they make use of the screens that are already there.

A Video DJ differs from a normal DJ in that they play music videos out simultaneously. And they differ from a VJ, who is an artist that sends purely visuals out to the screens while another DJ or band is performing.

Beat a Maxx takes it all further, with his own remixed tracks and video edits, video footage from the night itself, and multiple live camera’s all integrated into the show.

He’ll even include clips and branding from videos being used at the conference. The overall effect is a full dancefloor (he’s a brilliant DJ), lots of fun to be had watching the screens, and an amazing nights entertainment that’s about your brand and bespoke to you.

It’s what makes him the best at what does.

No-one else comes close.

Beat a Maxx show lasts for 90 minutes, but he can play for up to 3 hours if required. If there are other acts performing, he can also work around them if needed.

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