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Alastair Humphreys

Round the World Cyclist, Motivational Speaker, Adventurer, Global Traveller, Author.

Alastair Humphreys, 29, left England in August 2001 to cycle round the world. After more than 1500 days and 46,000 miles spanning 5 continents and 60 countries, Alastair arrived back home in November 2005.

His journey, as well as being a pure quest for adventure, was also helping to raise the profile of the charity ‘Hope and Homes for Children’. Whilst on the road Alastair gave around 300 slideshows to support them.

In an age when scores of people have visited the Poles and £30,000 is needed to get up Everest, Alastair’s expedition is refreshingly different, pure and original.

Aloneand on the road for four years, in countries few people ever visit, enduring an 85C range of temperatures, Alastair survived on a total budget of just £6,000. This was a grass-roots expedition based upon self-belief and optimism rather than satellite hook-ups and lucrative sponsorship deals. Simply Adventure.

When Alastair began his expedition he was planning to ride first of all to Australia. But just two weeks into his journey the September 11th attacks changed everything and Afghanistan no longer seemed a viable option. So at Istanbul he turned right for Africa and rode (completely unprepared) through the Middle East to Cairo and on down to Cape Town. Deciding en route that airplanes are boring he managed to hitch a ride on a sailing yacht (in the ‘Cape to Rio’ race) and raced across the Atlantic Ocean to South America.

He began riding again in Ushuaia (the most southerly town on the planet just 750 miles from Antarctica), bound for Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean in Alaska. During this 18 months he crossed mountain passes almost 5000m high, confounded all expectations by surviving Colombia and loaded his bike into a canoe for 2 weeks in the Yukon when forest fires had closed all the roads.

After crossing the Pacific Ocean on a freighter Alastair pedaled through the Gulag heartlands of Siberia. In winter. Camping at -40C, Alastair dreamed nostalgically for the baking sands of Sudan! Japan was an extraordinary contrast after Russia.

After riding the entire length of the Great Wall of China, Alastair crossed Central Asia doing battle (normally legally) with the outrageously ridiculous bureaucratic legacy of the Soviet Union. From the Caucasus Alastair continued on into Europe, pausing briefly to have the biggest crash of the journey just an hour away from home!


A graduate of Edinburgh and Oxford University, Alastair is currently working on the book of his adventure, writing for magazines around the world and speaking to a great variety of audiences.

Alastair is articulate and intelligent. He is sharply perceptive about issues of personal motivation, accomplishment of goals and making the very most of life. He is harshly honest about the difficulties he encountered on the road- physical, mental and emotional.

Yet the vast majorities of his experiences were incredibly positive and, for someone so alone and so vulnerable for so long, his story is extraordinarily uplifting. Spending four years in some of the poorest regions of Earth has prompted Alastair to seize at the incredible opportunities available in the affluent West.

People describe Alastair’s talks as ‘humbling’ and ‘providing perspective’ to their own lives. Accompanied by wonderful photographs from Ethiopia to Ecuador to Uzbekistan, Alastair’s talks are very funny, anecdotal and energetic. He has a fine sense of the ridiculous and does not take himself too seriously.

Alastair’s story of success in the face of adversity gives people hope, strength and the understanding that anything really is possible. The audience walks away with the realisation that there are no limits and if you are just prepared to push the boundaries you can achieve beyond your imagination. His presentations will be reflected upon long after the event.

Alastair speaks in an open and honest way that is accessible to the armchair adventurer, talking about what drives him to do things that many would consider mad, and more importantly where he finds the will to persevere.

The same level of commitment that Alastair put into his adventure is carried through into every speaking project. He makes sure that he fully understands the audience, the company and their industry; ensuring that each event’s requirements are individually tailored for.

Alastair’s expedition has been covered on BBC Radio and Television, National Newspapers, Sky TV, CNN and media on five continents.


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