Motivational Speaker

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    • Alastair Humphreys - looking at camera

      Alastair Humphreys

      Round the World Cyclist, Motivational Speaker, Adventurer, Global Traveller, Author.

    • Ben Fogle front face and shoulders

      Ben Fogle

      Broadcaster, traveller and adventurer. He has rowed the Atlantic, crossed Antarctica on foot and run across the Sahara..

    • Richard Parks - on mountain

      Richard Parks

      A former professional rugby player and rugby speaker, who has gone on to be the first explorer to reach the summit of the highest peak in each of the continents

    • Sally Gunnell Smiling face

      Sally Gunnell OBE

      Sally holds a place in the hearts of the nation as the most popular female sportswomen of our times, and one of our most successful.

    • Sir Chris Bonington face

      Sir Chris Bonington

      Chris Bonington is more than Britain’s best known mountaineer. He is a writer, a lecturer and now one of the country’s leading motivational speakers

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